As Seen On TV Products & Reviews

What are “As Seen On TV” products?

“As Seen On TV” is a nickname for merchandise sold through television commercials in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. Many of the items are not sold in stores, so the only way to own them is to order them directly from the manufacturer. Typical As Seen On TV products fit into the categories of kitchen items, beauty products, exercise and fitness products, household items, cleaning items, books, toys, games, entertainment, and automotive.

Even CBS News understands that “a lot of people have found things they like.” While the infomercials are often entertaining, these As Seen On TV products serve a real need in the marketplace and offer a good deal to savvy consumers.

What are their benefits?

Ever wonder why so many entrepreneurs choose to sell their products via informercials? With the large amount of merchandise available across the United States and throughout the world, small-time inventors and business owners have a difficult time getting noticed. They may have a great idea, but they won’t go very far if only a few people know that idea exists.

The companies behind the cheezy, late-night product shows have years of experience and understand how to find and promote the best products. They discover innovative products, perform rigorous testing, and determine the best way to show them to the world. The positive feedback from “as seen on TV” reviews is exactly why you now see As Seen On TV products in such well-regarded stores as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart, and even department stores and malls. They would not stock these products if people didn’t want them (they do) and if people didn’t buy them (they do).

The Power of As Seen On TV Reviews

The As Seen On TV companies discover passionate inventors and entrepreneurs, expose them to people like us through informercials, and let the worldwide success take over. It’s likely that the first time you ever saw an ad for a particular kitchen gadget, weight-loss method, educational series, anti-aging cream, or fitness equipment, you either loved it or hated it. That’s one of the ways you can tell you have a good product–people actually have a strong opinion on it. Plenty of As Seen On TV reviews exist across the Internet, so attempts to consolidate them into summaries that provide the most important information.

Benefits of As Seen On TV Products

Some of the benefits of As Seen On TV items include:

  • They are often unique, which means they solve a problem that no one else can, and they make great gifts. You can be the first among your friends to try a new product or purchase an item to let family members know you were thinking of them.
  • They frequently come with bonus products, which means you get more for your money.
  • They usually offer different payment methods and payment plans so they are affordable. If you are on a tight budget, you can probably use the flexibility of a “3 payments of…” deal or even the convenience of processing a credit card order online.
  • All of the As Seen On TV products listed on this site are available online. You do not need to leave your home or even get out of your pajamas to order items that could help you lead a healthier life, help you look better, help you eat better, or just help put a smile on your face.
  • Products are shipped to your doorstep. Some vendors even offer free shipping or discounted shipping.

How to order “As Seen On TV” products

The ordering process takes about 1 minute 32 seconds, so you’ll be finished in no time.

To order any of the products on, just click on the link. You will be redirected to the retailer site, where you can enter the number of items you want, choose the options you want (colors, sizes, add-ons, etc.), type in your name and contact information, process your payment, and wait for the box to show up at your door. Most products arrive within 5-7 business days after they are shipped.

As Seen On TV Reviews

As mentioned previously, many people have a “love it or hate it” relationship with infomercial products. If you are someone who likes to grab a bargain or snatch up the latest gadgetry or even solve a problem around your house, then at least one As Seen On TV product is likely for you. Look through the product reviews, and see what people think. tries to present both the positive and negative sides of As Seen On TV reviews so you can make informed decisions. Also keep in mind that most merchandise has a refund guarantee, so if you can try out an As Seen On TV item and return it if you are not fully satisfied.

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