BonJour Celeste Glass Teapot Set – On Sale 35% Off

Looking for an elegant gift for someone special? Treat yourself or someone you love to the Parisian-inspired design of the Celeste Glass Teapot Set. Take in the delicate aromas from loose leaf tea as you enjoy a meaningful conversation. For a limited time, this 4-cup BonJour Celeste glass teapot set is on sale AND offers free shipping.

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34 oz BonJour Celeste Glass Teapot Set Reviews:


  • Holds 4 cups of your favorite tea or tisane
  • Included sugar and creamer set give a finished look
  • Easy pouring with ergonomic spout and curved handle
  • Removable infuser brews loose leaf teas without sediment


  • Hand wash

BonJour Celeste Teapot Set Review Summary: Where else can you get such a gorgeous, handblown tea set for such a great price? This BonJour glass teapot set is sold at other retailers for much more. For example, a discount home department store recently received a limited supply of these teapot sets, and they were still selling them for $10 more than you will pay through Promotion Backdoor. Just imagine how much money you would need to spend for an equivalent product at a professional cooking shop! Verdict: Buy this eye-capturing teapot set for yourself or for a gift, but purchase it now while supplies last.

This video showcases some of the unique tea pots in the BonJour collection. Not interested in Celeste? Click here to view deals on other BonJour teapot sets and tea kettles.

Included in the BonJour Celeste Glass Teapot Set Sale:

  • 34-ounce glass teapot (4 cups, 1 Liter)
  • Glass infuser for loose leaf teas
  • Covered sugar dish
  • Glass sugar spoon
  • Clear glass creamer
  • Instructions and brewing times for the most common teas
  • For a limited time – free shipping

Click now for an impressive discount on the BonJour Celeste Glass Teapot Set


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