Buy Hedge Trimmer: Garden Groom with $80 Bonuses

Remove the mess and heft from routine garden pruning. The Garden Groom hedge trimmer is a lightweight solution for rapid hedge trimming.  Now comes with $80 in bonus items.

Click here for the Garden Groom hedge trimmer with bonuses

Garden Groom Reviews:


  • Rotary cutters good for light work
  • Weighs less than heavy hedge trimmers – only 6.6 lbs for Garden Groom and 7.7 lbs for Garden Groom Pro
  • Well-balanced for long, flat hedges


  • Not meant for overgrown bushes
  • Limited to 0.4″ branches for the Garden Groom and 0.8″ branches for the Garden Groom Pro

Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer Review Summary: The manufacturers of the original Garden Groom have taken customer feedback into mind for the new model. The Garden Groom and Garden Groom Pro hedge trimmers cut, shred, and collect up to one gallon of debris that can quickly be converted to mulch and compost. The lightweight design makes handling easy for most people, and the concealed blade prevents the cord from being cut. Take the Garden Groom outdoors and try it for 60 days free.

The as seen on TV Garden Groom is the perfect back yard companion for some of the most common hedges, including Privet, Leylandi, Yew, Ash, Holly, Beech, and Hawthorn.

This video demonstrates how the Garden Groom hedge trimmer is used. Not interested in the Garden Groom? Check out the Craftsman Cordless Hedge Trimmer.

Included in the Garden Groom Sale:

  • Garden Groom hedge trimmer
  • Mega Bag for collecting up to 500 sq ft of clippings
  • Weed claw
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Click here for the Garden Groom hedge trimmer with bonuses


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