Buy Pajama Jeans: Discount and Reviews

Pajama Jeans for women are an excellent way to stay comfortable and stylish during your hectic schedule. Great for long flights, running from yoga class to the grocery store, or just lounging around the house. As seen on TV – featured on Rachel Ray and The View.

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Pajama Jeans Reviews:


  • Look like jeans, feel like pajamas
  • Comfortable
  • Stretchy
  • Design details, side stitching, and rivets


  • No clasp or zipper
  • Can stretch out with extended wear (solved by washing)
  • Fabric bleeds when washed

Review Summary: If you’re into $200 jeans and designer fashion, this is not the product for you. On the other hand, if you like being comfortable and want the look of jeans without the hassle, try Pajama Jeans. Chef and talk show host Rachel Ray says that Pajama Jeans will be the next big thing since the Snuggie. Tips: buy a size smaller so they will fit snugly, and wash your Pajama Jeans separately until you no longer see bleeding.

Review Details: Below is a follow-up Pajama Jeans review by Gwen Davis, who purchased the clothing after seeing the Pajama Jeans commercial. Most people who buy Pajama Jeans love them, so this video will give you an idea of how a true owner feels after wearing them for awhile.

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Made with a cotton, spandex, and denim blend, Pajama Jeans will keep you comfortable no matter where you are. They feel as soft as a baby’s blanket next to your skin. Even better, these pants are made with designer styling, custom stitching, and accent rivets, so they look like your hard-to-put-on denim jeans. Go to your yoga class, take a bike ride, catch the next flight across the country, or watch TV in bed. As seen on TV Pajama Jeans are the next big thing!

Key Features:

  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Great with sandals or sneakers
  • Use them for sleeping, working, exercising, or running errands
  • Pajama Jeans discount / bonus if you buy now

What’s in the Box

  • Pajama Jeans for women in your choice of 8 sizes
  • Bonus Grey Crewneck Tee for a complete outfit

Sorry, sold out. Take a look at our other As Seen on TV specials.


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