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In 2009 more than 700 million records containing personal identifying information of United States residents stored in government, university and corporate databases were either lost or stolen. Nearly half, 4 out of every 10, of these victims were unaware of the compromise to their personal information.

Consumers pay nearly $31 billion each year in identity theft costs. To combat this tragedy and keep your money safe when you need it most, you will automatically get $1 MILLION worth of identity fraud insurance with your approved membership.

Key Features:

  • $1,000,000 InsuranceEdge
  • Fraud restoration
  • Internet surveillance
  • Daily credit bureau monitoring
  • Social security number tracker
  • Change of address records
  • Court alert and record monitoring
  • Payday loan watch

What’s in the Box

  • IdentityEdge offers top notch ID Defense and Restoration services

Click here to get identity protection and a credit report for $1


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