Indoor Dog Potty Mat With Free Bonus

Do you have a new puppy that needs potty training? Do you have an old dog who has lost bladder control? Do you leave your dog home alone all day? Avoid messy accidents and nasty cleanup with this antimicrobial indoor pet potty mat. Offer ends soon: get a free bonus with purchase.

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PetZoom Pet Park Reviews:


  • Easy to clean, rinses clean in seconds
  • Dogs quickly learn that this is the place to go to relieve themselves
  • Great for people without yards or who are gone for long periods
  • Great for dogs who refuse to use potty pads


  • Holds about a day’s worth of elimination
  • Grass may need to be clamped to the catch basin if the dog decides to scratch or play

Indoor Dog Potty Mat Review Summary: After receiving several reviews, most pet owners had little to no problem convincing their dogs to go potty on the PetZoom Pet Park. Some dogs used it right out of the box, while others needed a little training to get used to going to the bathroom in the new area. Owners should be aware that pet urine will start to smell (just like human urine), so cleaning the potty mat every day or two is key. Overall, the PetZoom Pet Park indoor dog potty mat is a great solution for apartment dwellers, puppy owners, and anyone living with an older dog.

Watch how your dog will go on the PetZoom Indoor Dog Potty Mat. (Note: this video clip shows a Chihuahua using a similar, but more expensive, potty training product.)

Is your new puppy ruining your carpet? Has your aging dog decided to go to the bathroom on your floor instead of outside? When you order the PetZoom Pet Park, you can stop cleaning up those nasty messes and stop punishing a pet who doesn’t understand what is going wrong. This indoor pet potty mat is made with a grass-like synthetic material that most dogs naturally learn is the place to do their business. The mat is anti-microbial to limit germs and is easy to clean. The collection tray holds up to a gallon of liquid, and the shallow design makes it easy to fit into a corner or store away. Try the PetZoom Pet Park for your small dog, medium dog, or large dog today. While most owners report success, if you are not satisfied, you can always take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. Start using the best way to potty train your pet indoors, and see what a difference an indoor dog potty mat can make for both you and your furry friend.

Key Features of the PetZoom Pet Park:

  • Holds a gallon of liquid
  • Anti-microbial mat passes urine into the collection tray
  • Reusable synthetic grass surface wipes clean easily
  • Use indoors, on a patio, on a porch, or wherever you want your dog to go
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What’s in the Box

  • Antimicrobial mat
  • Stationary Pet Park indoor pet potty base
  • Urine collection tray
  • FREE bonus nail groomer for a limited time

Click here for your PetZoom Pet Park With Bonus Gift


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