Low Price: HP P1102W Printer and Toner

Get a fast laser printer for the same price as an inkjet. The HP P1102W printer and toner are a great value for any college student, home office, or small business. Sale price.


Click here for the HP P1102W Laser Printer

HP P1102 Laser Printer Reviews:


  • Wireless printing over a Wifi network or local computer connection
  • Printer works with Mac or PC so you can install the software on any computer
  • Built-in drum assembly for less maintenance
  • Takes up little space on a desk, whether or not the paper tray extenders are out
  • HP1102W toner is waterproof when set, ink won’t smear
  • Prints 3 times as many pages than a similar DeskJet
  • Quiet and quick


  • Double-sided printing is manual (turn stack of paper over when prompted)
  • Starter toner is small, recommended to buy full refill cartridge

HP P1102W Printer Review Summary: Hewlett-Packard is consistently rated highly for inexpensive, high quality printers. The HP P1102W laser printer is an excellent addition to any home office, with its wireless printing capabilities, fast setup, and small space footprint. It can print up to 1600 pages on a single P1102W toner cartridge, making it an economical solution for any person or company on a budget.

Included with the Hewlett-Packard HP P1102W Printer:

  • Hewlett-Packard P1102W Printer
  • HP P1102W Toner
  • USB Cable
  • HP Drivers and Utilities
  • One year warranty

Click here for the HP P1102W Laser Printer


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