Plaque Attack Dog/Cat Dental Care – Bonus Sale

Does your dog have bad breath or yellowed teeth? Does your cat have tartar build-up? The Plaque Attack pet dental care system is a safe way to reduce harmful bacteria, gum disease, rotting teeth, and oral problems. For a limited time Plaque Attack will ship with a double supply FREE, plus you will receive FREE redemption gift cards to your favorite pet retailers.

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Reviews for Plaque Attack Spray:


  • No danger of anesthesia to have vet clean your pet’s teeth
  • Freshens breath
  • Easier to use than toothpaste
  • Comes in both a spray form and gel form for easy application


  • Spray must get in the dog’s or cat’s mouth in order to work (watch the video below for tips on how to prepare your pet for dental care)
  • Better results when combined with tooth scraping or brushing
  • Pets with sensitive stomachs may have loose stools for a couple days as they adjust to the different ingredients

Review Summary: Plaque Attack is a safe, easy way to fix your cat’s or dog’s bad breath and decrease infections from bad oral bacteria infiltrating the bloodstream. Plaque Attack softens tartar with a few sprays each day, which is much more cost-effective than asking your veterinarian to put your pet under for a tooth cleaning. More importantly, the dental care spray is safer than anesthesia and can become a regular part of your cat or dog’s routine. Stock up on Plaque Attack triple care dental spray now while the bonus items are still available.

Directly from a veterinary expert, the video below will teach you how to prepare your dog for toothbrushing and oral dental care.

Newer version available. Download the latest video player and then refresh this page.

As seen on TV, Plaque Attack triple care dental spray is a low cost, high results way to cure your cat or dog’s dental care problems. With a few squirts each day, this all-natural product mixes with your pet’s saliva, coats teeth and gums, and loosens plaque and tartar. You will see a noticeable difference within the first few weeks of application, with less redness and the disappearance of tartar and plaque between the teeth and gum line. For people whose pets (especially cats) aren’t fond of the spray, the Plaque Attack gel can be swiped onto a paw to let the animal lick it up into his/her mouth. Even people who have just had their dog or cat’s teeth cleaned use Plaque Attack for preventative dental care. Since plaque can form in as little as seven days, a single squirt daily can ensure your pet receives the full, long-lasting benefits.

Keep in mind that the speed of your results will vary due to the pet’s age, dental conditions, and how closely the directions are followed. You can use the consumer tips listed on the purchase page to improve results. Plaque Attack is a featured product and is not available in stores.

Key Features:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe for all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs
  • Use the spray, the gel, or both for the best application method
  • Loosens and removes plaque and tartar
  • Freshens breath
  • Controls dangerous bacteria
  • 45-day money back guarantee

What’s in the Box

  • Plaque Attack dental spray for dogs and cats
  • FREE double size order as a bonus
  • FREE redemption gift cards
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Click here to see the limited time offer on Plaque Attack for Dogs and Cats


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