Spillproof Gyro Bowl – As Seen on TV

Your kids aren’t messy eaters–they just need a little help! With Gyro Bowl’s cool planetary design, you’ll be sweeping fewer Cheerios off your floors in no time. You have to see this amazing as seen on TV product in action. Even better, for only a few more days, you can get two Gyro Bowls for the price of one. Stop those messes and restore your life.

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Gyro Bowl Reviews:


  • Keeps most foods, office supplies, and small objects from spilling (and needing to be cleaned up!)
  • Surrounding areas stay clean even around toddlers
  • Fun and functional for kids and adults
  • Made with BPA-free plastic for safety, environmental friendliness, and durability
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack
  • Lid is flexible for easy on, easy off (not hard plastic)


  • Some objects can get stuck behind the rotating Gyro Bowl, resulting in a few spills
  • Not microwave-safe

Review Summary: Most moms agree during their Gyro Bowl reviews that this as seen on TV product is worth the price and is much less hassle than cleaning up kids’ messes. When placing food in the Gyro Bowl, fill the container only half-way and avoid having too much liquid in the unit. Buy the kid proof Gyro Bowl today through this page and receive a special bonus offer. No need for a coupon, just click on the link above and your will be taken to a special discounted price.

Want an unbiased review of the Gyro Bowl? See what KATU Portland’s reporters have to say about this supposedly spill-proof invention.

Are you afraid you will never have a clean kitchen again? When you trade in your car, will the salesperson find hidden Cheerios and fruit snacks in the back seat? The Gyro Bowl is your chance to prevent most messes and restore some order to your life. This little invention has received numerous positive reviews and just look at it–doesn’t it look cool!? Gyro Bowl uses a reactive balancing system to keep cereal, snacks, pudding, and anything else you put into it from spilling all over your floors. Imagine your life without cleaning up Cheerios every few minutes! Even adults can use the As Seen on TV Gyro Bowl. Stick a few in your cubicle or office for push pins, paper clips, or candy–or just leave it on your desk for a fun stress relief toy and conversation starter. Get the best price on the Gyro Bowl by taking advantage of this limited time offer today.

Key Features:

  • NOT made with BPA plastics
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable, virtually indestructible
  • Use for both food and non-food items
  • “Stays open side up, no matter what”

What’s in the Box

  • GYRO BOWL Spill Resistant Kids Gyroscopic Bowl with Lid

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