Truth About Six Pack Abs – Adult Fitness and Fat Loss

If you are tired of diet drugs and fake weight loss claims, this guide will reveal the exercises to get your abs in shape (no, not crunches!). Step by step instructions make lifestyle changes easy. Get the Truth About Six Pack Abs, free bonuses, and a 21 day trial to put the information to use.

Click now for the 21 day trial on the Truth About Six Pack Abs

Truth About Six Pack Abs Reviews:


  • Written by a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Contains 14 fat-burning exercises for abs and 7 exercises to avoid
  • Details 8 levels of workout programs for beginners, athletes, and bodybuilders
  • Over 72 tips for healthy meal planning and lean body strategies


  • Graphics and photos in some chapters would help to explain the information
  • Offers a program that has been successful for thousands of readers but may not work for everyone

Truth About Abs Guide Review Summary: The Truth About Six Pack Abs is not ground-breaking information, but it is a detailed guide with significant research, exercises, and meal plans that would take busy professionals hundreds of hours to uncover. Because this fitness course is available for immediate download, comes with a 21-day trial period, and is backed by an independent 60-day money-back guarantee, Truth About Six Pack Abs is worth purchasing and implementing today.

Watch a marketer’s insight into the truth behind the Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Included in the Truth About Six Pack Abs Fitness Course:

  • Biology of abdominal muscles
  • Proper body stances and posture
  • Resistance training, frequency, and duration
  • Ab training exercises
  • Body mass and metabolic rate
  • Impact of full body training on six-pack abs
  • How to use free weights and machines
  • Alternative to cardio standards
  • Forming an ab training routine
  • Example full body workouts
  • Importance of not following fad diets or crash diets
  • Glycemic index and blood sugar
  • Balanced healthy meal planning
  • How teas can contribute to fat loss
  • Meal planning examples and tips
  • Answers to reader questions
  • Current bonus package: DVD “5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss”, 4 motivational audio programs, membership site including chats with the Biggest Loser trainers

Click now for the 21 day trial on the Truth About Six Pack Abs


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